Financial Freedom Course

A Six Week Program that helps you take control of your finances without the stress. 

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Want Financial Freedom?

Has money ever held you back from achieving your dreams?

You can take control of your finances. In just 6 weeks you will learn how to utilise your finances in the best possible way. Discover the method to create peace and prosperity in your business. 

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Meet Your Coach: Lynne Spalding

Your coach, Lynne has spent most of her working life around small business. With 20 years’ experience in a chartered accounting firm, she realised her real passion was not just about the numbers but really making a difference to the lives of small business owners.

In 2002 she followed her dream to provide services to the smaller Mum and Dad style businesses, the ones struggling to understand what their numbers really mean but feel silly contacting their accountant for the day to day problems. Lynne works with her clients to improve accounting software systems so that the business can rely on accurate and timely information, as well as the routine things like understanding the requirements for compliance with business laws.

She is passionate and dedicated to her clients to ensure their business stays on track and can achieve the success they desire. 

Image of Lynne, holding up her CPA badge, proudly.
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The Financial Freedom Program (6 Weeks)


What this 6-week course has to offer:

Over the financial freedom course you will gain a deep understanding of your finances. Every week will include a lesson and activities to help you regain control of your money.

This course follows a defined structure but is tailored to you. We will be with you every step of the way offering support and guidance. 

Break away from feeling worried about your finances, and finally feel free.

During  the six week program, you will need to allocate approximately 1 hour per week for each module, with the outline of each week below for further details. 



Get Free of Financial Stress

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Financial Freedom Formula - Finance Course

Trey Williams - Transformational Coach & Speaker 

"I can highly recommend Lynne's Financial Freedom Formula program. Lynne is extremely thorough with her methods and her level of care. The program is brilliant at creating the right foundations ready for business growth.  Each week builds on the other and I've found a lot of peace of mind by getting the various pieces in alignment. Lynne explains the topics well and is a powerful coach in the way of ensuring you personally action the financial freedom steps. I believe every business should go through the formula to safeguard the business  success and to create firm everlasting foundations. Thank you so much Lynne" 

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