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We Can Help You Find A Work-Life Balance

Welcome to the Business Wellness Hub, a place where you can learn everything from business management, finance and maintaining a healthy work life balance. Here at Business Wellness Hub (BWHub for short), we specialise in taking care of the business owner, so that they can take care of their business, prioritise their personal lives and enjoy more of the things they love!
Maintaining a healthy work life balance is the key to running a successful business; in the words of Richard Branson

The simple fact is, if you don’t take care of yourself, you won't be able to take care of business.” 

So please, let us take care of you so that you can take care of your business and your loved ones. 

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Words from Our Founder...

"The most important lessons I have learned in life are to understand your values; and do not waiver from your personal sense of being. This means being adaptable and be accepting of change. Life is a journey, and the lessons we learn help us to become the person we are today. Embrace the experiences you have received and use these to enhance your own understanding of yourself and in turn you are able to give more to the people around you."  

Lynne Spalding

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Business Wellness Hub's Story


Business Wellness Hub originally began in 2002 as Financial Controlling Services, founded by Lynne Spalding. At the time Lynne was a registered CPA accountant who had worked for over 20 years in an accounting practice. Wanting to make a real difference and connect with her clients rather than sit in a corporate office crunching numbers, she made the nerve wracking leap to begin her very own business journey.  


At that point in time bookkeepers where only providing data entry and Accountants were only providing end of year financial statements and tax returns. Lynne had observed a gap in the market between accounting and bookkeeping services and so she created her own Accounting & Bookkeeping business; Financial Controlling Services, linking the two. Through the business, Lynne then developed a passion for helping her clients streamline and problem solve effective solutions to various day-to-day processes, often saving them thousands of dollars and allowing business growth to flourish. Lynne went on to extend this passion by undertaking a Certification in Business Coaching, expanding her knowledge base and adding this as a Business Wellness Hub Service. 


During her business journey, Lynne also had a huge personal ‘awakening’. She developed Breast Cancer in 2013 that thankfully was caught early enough and treated, but Lynne took this as a sign to take better care of her health & wellbeing. She embarked on a Personal Development and Wellness Journey, leading her to qualify as a Yoga Instructor and Meditation Teacher. She continues her studies to this day, currently studying energy and sound healing.  


With these qualifications and new found personal strength, Lynne decided to re-brand Financial Controlling Services to Business Wellness Hub. The rebrand saw a change of Business focus from accounting and bookkeeping services, expanding to include a more holistic approach to business with the addition of Business Mentoring as well as Wellness Services, helping business owners stay well within their businesses.  


Lynne and her team have helped countless clients, employees, and the community.  

Our Staff

At BWHub we value our staff and the reciprocal relationship and mutual benefit that we have in building the employee and BWHub brand. We understand that our staff are an integral part of the BWHub mission and form our values and our way forward. Our staff are trusted with the growth and progression of BWHub and our clients. Each staff member is chosen for their personality and linking with our values; particularly the BWHub values for growth and the ethical practices, so you know our staff are people that you can put your trust and faith in, and that of your business! 

Contact our staff today

 Send Lynne, Jess or Annette an email today, simply click on their images below. 


Vera is one of our bookkeepers, gaining experience while studying accounting and bookkeeping. 

She enjoys both logical and creative projects in various fields, believing in a healthy work-life balance. 

Click on the image above to email her directly.


Lynne is our Owner & Founder, Award-winning Accountant, Business Mentor and Wellness Advocate with over 35 years of experience.

Lynne is qualified in our 3 main Service Area's; Accounting/Bookkeeping, Business Mentoring & Wellness.

Click on the image above to email her directly.


Jess is our Business Development Officer and handles the behind-the-scenes growing and marketing of Business Wellness Hub.

She is passionate about Business and Wellness as well as helping our clients and the community. 

Click on the image above to email her directly.

What Our Clients Say...


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"Before we started in a business we knew in ourselves, what we needed to do. What we didn't know was how to do everything else and for us to find the Business Wellness Hub was basically the last few pieces in place...  Once we found you guys, it was like a bit of a sigh of relief because we had people in the background that could take a lot of that pressure off us and allow us to do what we needed to do on the front line to get this thing really rolling. It has been invaluable."

Jason Stamp, Reynolds Equipment

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