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Lynne (BWHub's Owner & Founder's) Story

our staff Jun 08, 2022

“The most important lessons that I have learned in life are to understand your values; and do not waiver from your personal sense of being. This means being adaptable and be accepting of change. Life is a journey, and the lessons we learn help us to become the person we are today.”  

-Lynne Spalding, Owner & Founder of Business Wellness Hub 


I thought I was doing OK. I had two beautiful children and although it was hard bringing them up being the only adult in the household we got by. Day to day life was consistently negative thoughts and anxiety but I had accepted that was me and that was how I was going to spend the rest of my life. Always worrying what other people thought, why did everyone else know so much more than I did, stressing over having enough money and have I been a good parent. We can all do better but one of my strong points is being willing to listen to others. I did understand the parts of me that I didn’t really like, and I listened to people who had those virtues that I wanted. 


Looking back on the last 20 odd years raising my children, I can see how the experience has set me up with resilience, determination, and a willingness to keep going to follow my vision and dreams. When I was married (the first-time round) I was determined to work at it and be like my parents who have been married for more than 60 years. However, this was not to be, and I did realise both parties need to have this dream and be willing to work together to achieve it. For many years I felt like a victim, and it wasn’t until I let go of this that things started to change.  


I had been diagnosed with Breast Cancer, but due to the fact I had been having regular mammograms they were able to get it early and all was well after radiation treatment. It did make me realise however, that things needed to change. I searched out some mentors around better eating and lifestyle. This led me to yoga and trying a free mediation app – 1 Giant Mind. To be honest I didn’t feel a lot of difference for the first three months, but I am a believer in giving things a good go and then assess if it is for me.  However, what I had not realised was just how the benefits had crept up on me and the way they were changing my life. The anxiety was easing, and I was starting to be able to look at people with a smile and take ownership of my own space. 


Six years on, I have completed my yoga teacher training, became certified to teach the 1 Giant Mind Technique, and the world has just opened for me. I still value and still use my knowledge that I have gained being a Certified Practising Accountant, however, through meditation I am making deeper and clearer business decisions. I am now connected with people on a level I have not experienced before. I feel I now have a second chance to follow my true purpose and make a difference to the people around me and create a space that is safe and calm for people in this fast- paced world. I don’t question my decisions and meditate to seek guidance. The sense of being alone and being different to others has disappeared and I know I can be open and connected to people and be accepted for whom I am. I spend time appreciating the experiences I have gone through as they have made me strong and determined. This is the person I want to be for my children, family, and friends. 


Embrace the experiences you have received and use these to enhance your own understanding of yourself and in turn be able to give more to the people around you. This opens your mind to a wonderful world of acceptance and vision. 

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